Atlas of Battista Agnese(circa 1500–1564)

was an Italian cartographer, born in Genoa, who worked in Venice between 1536 and 1564 and became one of the most important figures in Renaissance cartography. He created approximately 100 manuscript atlases, of which more than 70 are extant, either with his signature or attributed to his school. His atlases, which are considered works of art for their high quality and beauty, are mostly portolan, or nautical, atlases printed on vellum for high-ranking officials or wealthy merchants. This 1544 atlas contains 15 full-page illuminated plates ...Contributed by National Library of Spain


Facsimile  hardcover in wood hand-painted finishing in green leather all pages are illustrated made by Maestro Dario Ustino unique piece

Atlas of Battista Agnese

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